Are you suggesting we dance our troubles away?

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“I’m dating everyone I go to lunch with, and I fall in love with everybody I date.” — Taylor on the world’s biggest misconception of her (x)

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Confession of Scott McCall: Who knew Derek could actually smile?


Confession of Scott McCall: Who knew Derek could actually smile?

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You should know that you’re my home, Chuck. You always have been.

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I dont understand why, for a girl to be considered badass and strong in movies and books, she has to be tomboyish, not wear makeup and not like girly things?

Girls should be allowed to put on lipstick and flowery dresses then conquer the world by crushing the necks of their enemies under their 6 inch heels

Y’all need Buffy.

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J2 - Summer TCA 2014 Portraits

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Teen Wolf AU: The Pack goes to visit Allison in France

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Dear Jeff Davis,

If you think, that make “allison” as keyword is enough for us after her death, you are fucking wrong.

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You are my favorite thing.

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